Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making a corset for a doll

I thought I might share some WIP pictures from my Marie Antoinette doll. This is the way I usualy make those tight, terribly uncomfortable but also very beautiful corsets.
Click on the pcture to enlarge ;)


  1. Ooh!!! thank you... I want to try this!!!!
    Will she be for sale - your Marie doll?
    And, thank you for your lovely kind words over at my place Dorote. I appreciate them X

  2. Thank You Abi! Oh yes she is traveling to Etsy soon :)

  3. Oooh, thank you so much for sharing this technique, it is great! Your dolls are absolutelly fantastic. Would like to know more about your dolls workshop. I am really far away from Lituania, so I would like to know if you have online workshops. Thank you much and congratulations for your amazing dolls, they are really beautiful. Warm hugs from Brazil, Chris

  4. Thank you for sharing this tutorial! I live in the Seattle WA area and we don't seem to have any classes available nearby to learn doll making techniques. So, I'm very interested in purchasing any tutorials (especially video) that you may have available! Or if you do online classes?? Thank you!

  5. Thank you for your warm words my friends! I'm glad you liked this tutorial.
    I will try to post more of them, also it is very much time consuming to make them. :)
    Giving lessons online is still a mistery for me - no idea how to make that. When I give classes, it usualy takes some days, which is a lot of hours - I can't imagine me teaching online for this long :)

    How ever I am working on a tutorial book, and hopefuly I will finish it someday :))


  6. Dear Dorote, i do love to see the process of things, i studied pattern cutting many years ago & love to deconstruct clothign & re-make them. I also love corsets, not that i ever have worn one mind, but they look fab x

  7. you better quite being so crazy wonderful!

  8. Ruthie, I love corsets too. I don't think I would wear them - as they are terribly uncomfortable, but dolls surely do not mind them :))

    Paula - LOL

  9. this is great.... and I think I understand it all ...even for one who doesn't sew very much... I usually end up gluing on separate pieces...